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Specialists Engineering Support

At IAG, we offer a range of specialist engineering solutions to clients which are too complex or too unusual for standard maintenance companies. This can range from modification of civil aircraft with self defence equipment, field team support to deployed aircraft in hostile theatres and insurance loss survey and recovery. We bring together specialist to define the requirement, work with the Civil Aviation Authorities to gain the necessary accreditations and then, bring together the necessary engineering team to deliver the solution at the lowest possible price. We work with a range of certified maintenance providers around the world to either use their facilities or satellite off their certification as required.

A key area of specialization is the support of Russian helicopters. We have direct links with JSC SPARC and can arrange full aircraft overhaul capability either in Russia or through field teams deployed directly to customer’s facility, wherever that may be located. We can offer complete overhaul components and specialist modification tailored to clients needs.

IAG also sspecialises in the maintenance and rebuilding of ex military jets, including the sourcing of spares, remanufacturing and reverse engineering. We are able to provide engineering solutions to manufacture tools and ground equipment to carry out maintenance. We can also provide engineering solutions for most sub component parts that are no longer supported.

IAG can also provide high quality, bespoke interiors for almost all types of fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

We have CAA approved quality auditors who can undertake full audits of CAA part 145 and A820 maintenance organisations.