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Russian Helicopters & Spares

We have a long term agency agreement with the Russian factories through our russian agent regarding the Mi-26T & Mi-17 & Mi-8 and also the Mi-35……we are therefore able to provide these helicopters either new or overhauled and all the major spares.

Russian helicopter platforms are either fully overhauled, new or wet lease (ACMI). We are also able to supply all Mi-17 spares and parts, Mi-26 spares and parts – and of course Mi-8 spares and consumables and associated equipment on a global basis.  Mi-35 spares and parts are usually upon special request and special clearance.

We carry standard Mi-17 spares and Mi-17 helicopter parts in our warehouse and larger Mi-17 parts such as gearboxes are upon request. We can supply the complete range of Mi-26 spares and parts and of course all Mi-8 spares and consumables.

We work closely with several Mi-17 operators – so we can always quote for either an Mi-17 dry lease or Mi-17 ACMI wet lease.
Please note that if you are sending us an RFQ we must receive the complete RFQ and in ALL cases an EUC will be required.