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Russian Helicopters
Training, Spares & Equipment

The International Aviation Group is a highly accredited and experienced team of experts who specialise in Aviation Infrastucture, Training and Supplies. We contract predominantly with the Governments, Police, Military and Private Corporations around the world.
Over 25 years we have built an extensive knowledge and understanding of Russian Helicopters and in association with our Russian Agent Konstantin Ryzhov and his team we are direct with all the Russian Helicopter manufacturers and factories.

Most importantly our Russian agent is direct to all the Russian factories!

Russian Helicopter Platforms
Mi-8 & Mi-17
Mi-24 & Mi-35
Kamov 226 & Kamov 32 & 52
Russian spares supply is ISO-9001:2008 Accredited

We specialise and have world-wide experienced teams in the following areas:

Accredited Russian Pilot Scools – Feasibility Studies through to Full Operations
Start-Up Russian Helicopter Feasibility Studies, Reviews, Procurement advice
Establishing and Operating new AOC’s
Mi-17, Mi-35, Mi-8, Mi-24 spares and equipment
Russian Simulators – procurement, mobilisation and training.
Russian Helicopter MRO Feasibility Studies, Build and Full Operations
Russian Aviation Engineering Academies – Feasibility Studies through to Full Operations
SAR – MEDEVAC and Natonal Resilience Training & Capability
Establishing and operating an international aviation academy
Supplying Accredited Pilots and Licensed Aviation Engineers
Mi-17 & Mi-35 (and other variants) Tactical Training Courses
Russian Helicopters (Direct Sale, ACMI & Dry Lease)
Aircraft & Rotary Spares