Police Forensics – Airborne, Land Based & Training Solutions

One of our areas of expertise is the delivery of consultancy services to Police Aviation and Government Aviation departments as well the Military for turn-key Forensics operations both airborne and land based. Forensics and crime scene investigations have become a very important part of effective policing and effective quick-reaction mobility is key. The ability to deliver a police forensics team into a crime/accident scene is vital to conserving and protecting the scene and this is even more critical when crime or accident scenes are difficult to reach in remote areas.
Prevention is also a key element of our tactical forensics training.

Specialist IAG Forensics Team
IAG has created a specialist multi-role Forensics team comprising highly experienced ex-police and ex-military forensics professionals. We provide complete forensics solutions for Police & Military, both airborne and land based along with the specialist forensics equipment and forensics training. Our forensics training programme can also offer accreditations. Forensics training us usually offered in-country and on a rolling basis over 12 month programmes.

Police Airborne Forensics Solutions
We supply the helicopter and aircraft platforms (new or used) fully configured to a forensics role as required by the customer. Our solutions are based on the UK Police Force Forensics Department who are widely acknowledged as leading subject matter experts and all platforms are delivered fitted with special cameras which support day and night vision and forensics mapping, including geo-locating and evidence gathering. Unique quick-fit forensics modules are built by IAG which allows maximum and efficient use of any platform.

Land Based Forensics Solutions
We supply the appropriate vehicles (armour plated if required) and they are fully configured to a forensics role as required by the customer. Our solutions are again based on our experience in Africa and other emerging continents and we provide all your forensic and law-enforcement needs in one elegant package. Our huge selection of items includes evidence packaging, fingerprint supplies, forensic tents, barrier tapes, DNA collection products and other law enforcement items.

HEMS and Police Forensics Training
Police forensics solutions - helicopter
infra-red camera for police forensics
Body Fluid Diagnostics Kit

Police Forensics Equipment and Forensics Training
Alongside the air platforms and assets, we provide an extensive range of forensics equipment and full forensics training, tailor-made to the clients requirements. Forensics training courses are conducted in-country usually over 12 months or longer if required.

Forensics Equipment
We provide a ccomplete range of police forensics equipment and scene of crime on a global basis. The range includes:
Major Incident Equipment, Latent Fingerprint Collection Equipment, Evidence Gathering/Packaging, Measuring & Marking, Drugs & Narcotics Testing along with a complete range of Forensics Diagnostics equipment.

Police Forensics Training (Officers and Pilots/Crew)
As an example: pilots, winch operators and winchmen are taught the disciplines of delivery (both forensics officers and equipment) and as important the transport of sensitive forensics equipment and the return of evidence to base – all packaged to suit the customer. A special course is run to train the camera operators in video and photograhic evidence collection and collation.

This experience has been obtained through senior positions within the fields of forensics training, (ab initio conversion to type, instructor training, operational training, ground crew etc.), Standards Evaluation and Operational delivery under all conditions.
Many of the current U.K. Police, RAF and RN Operational practices, procedures and equipment have resulted from recommendations, development and operator training conducted by our forensics team and associates.

Police Forensics Feasibility Studies and TNA
We provide fully costed solutions from either an initial mobile forensics operations feasibility study, a complete Training Needs Analysis (TNA) etc. which leads to full procurement of forensics equipment, accreditations and accredited training, – so a one stop, turn-key, world class package and solution. All new aircraft and helicopters (or used platforms) are configured to offer a versatile forensics platform and if used platforms are already operational we will retro-fit in-country.