National Resilience Air Operations (NRAO)

National Resilience – IAG specialise in providing world-leading subject matter experts across all aspects of the emergency services. These include the provision of Emergency Medical Aviation Operational Support, Police Tactical Air Operations, and Airborne Surveillance Evidence gathering, Command and Control. Based on the teams’ experience in worldwide military/police/civilian aviation at both strategic and tactical levels, NRAO can provide the following services and knowledge transfer:

Strategic advice and guidance on the creation or development and operation of an integrated police aviation capability including C4ISE (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence Surveillance and Evidential Gathering)
Police Pilot and Tactical Flight Officer (TFO) Training and Tactics together with associated Crew Resource Management training
Quality assured Aviation SOPs and Air Operations Manuals based on the very latest international standards
Pre and Post Flight performance information/task management systems
Specification of aviation equipment for Law Enforcement/Search roles up to and including aircraft performance and all aspects of role equipment, sensor fit and integration with ground Command and Control systems
Unit Quality Management Systems and Quality Auditing
Preparation and production of documentation and manuals
Flight Safety briefing and training
Safety Management Systems
Engineering support including equipment installation, modification and integration
Through our extensive network, we can also draw on a vast experience and knowledge in the areas of Safety and Security, in particular VIP Protection, ‘Search and Secure’, Surveillance and Investigation
NRAO Medical Aviation Operational Support International Aviation Group Emergency IAG
International Aviation Group Emergency Medical Aviation Operational Support IAG

If you have any queries or would like us to expand on any of the points then please contact us in confidence.

We are confident that NRAO can significantly enhance the capability and performance of your National Resilience Support by bringing together teams of world-class knowledge and proven expertise based on our operational experience in the UK and with many Governments around the world.