Military and Police Flying School & Training

For both Rotary and Fixed-Wing platforms, we base our pilot training on the The Central Flying School (CFS) as it is widely recognised as a world leader in aviation instruction. We have a wide range of Pilot School options which can cover any course from a short type rating course “in-country” to the establishment of a full Pilot Academy at your chosen airport.

Alongside our own IAG Pilots and Trainers we also have access to CFS trained Pilot and Crewman Instructors who are able to deliver this premium capability locally to a host nation. The instructors include pilots, navigators and crewman all of whom have recently served on the Central Flying School. Their unparalleled experience in flying training is available to support all student and instructor training whilst utilising CFS standards and instruction templates.

Their knowledge can be used across the full spectrum of instructional duties including:

Writing Training Courses
Validating Existing Courses
Providing Training Standards Assurances
Rotary and fixed-wing courses
Rotary and fixed-wing simulator courses
Delivering Flying Training
Delivering Flying Instructor Training
Plan & Establish new Pilot’s Schools
Aircraft and Helicopter type ratings
SAR- MEDEVAC – FLIR courses (more available upon RFQ)
IAG International Aviation Group Flight Training Pilot Academies Pilot Training
International Aviation Group Central Flying School Instructor Training IAG
Instructor Training

Delivery of in-host nation Military and Police (para-public) helicopter and fixed-wing instructor training. Part of our management team was responsible for co-ordinating and delivering the World famous Central Flying School (CFS) syllabus. We are able to deliver this Training in a host nation using their aircraft and infrastructure and our Instructors who have recently completed Tours teaching at CFS. Giving the quality and standard of CFS, coupled with the flexibility and convenience of receiving this Training in your home nation. We cover all platforms and in most cases we tailor-make our courses to the local requirements.