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Military Aircrew Background Checks/CV Analysis

Many of our partners and associates at IAG have had distinguished careers in the Armed Services of the UK and other European nations. The CVs of our ex military people are impressive and verifiable but to the uninitiated, almost any military CV can look imposing given the scope of roles and activity that members of the Armed Forces are asked to undertake. However, like all elements of society, there is inevitably a spectrum of capability. References offer little help to would be employers since the MOD now only issues standard reference letters due to the risk of litigation.

One niche service we therefore offer is the vetting, ‘translation’ and background checks of military CVs so that the most appropriate candidates are short-listed for appointments. Our specialists are able to look at a military CV and immediately assess the likely veracity of its claims as to whether the individual was indeed a ‘high flyer’. We can then back up this assessment by the use of also use our military network to get a inside track on an individual from the point of view of both superiors and peers alike.

If you wish to consider this service, give us a call and we can give you a quick idea over the phone as to whether the individual was ‘black bag list’ or a freewheeler. If you don’t know the difference, we can definitely help you.