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PRESS RELEASE: IAG & Grant Thornton (London)

June 2020 – London
Airline & MRO Recovery and Restructuring.
The International Aviation Group (IAG) have partnered with Amaechi Nsofor of Grant Thornton (London) the global accountants – Mr Nsofor and his team have for more than 15 years, advised lenders and companies on multiple challenging and high-profile projects including: JJB Sports, Aston Martin, Amtel Vredestein, Opal Property Group and Alternative Hotel Group.

As a team we will offer any distressed aviation business the opportunity for a full business review which will provide the stakeholders/management with a range of costed and referenced recovery solutions. IAG is providing the in-depth knowledge and technical know-how whilst Grant Thornton complement this with a full accountancy and financial assessment and proposals.

The IAG team is headed up by Malcolm Cox who was until recently the interim post holder for Continuing Airworthiness Management, at Flybe Airline, currently he is acting as the Interim Accountable Manager (MD) for a distressed component overhaul facility and is also currently the Nominated Person for Continuing Airworthiness Management for London’s Air Ambulance. He is supported by Andrew Huntly who was until recently the European Sales and Marketing director for Virgin Airways – and in support there is a full team of very experienced and qualified professionals.
The team cover:          Recovery, Re-Financing and Restructuring.
Two service levels:     Either a short 4 week review or a full team restructuring programme.

Please contact:
Amaechi Nsofor:         amaechi.nsofor@uk.gt.com
Malcolm Cox:                 malcolm.cox@theaviationgroup.eu

IAG Asia MRO Conference International Aviation Group

Stuart Harrison – Guest Speaker at MRO Conference in South Korea

The Chairman of IAG, Stuart Harrison was invited to be the only European guest speaker at the 2nd MRO conference in South Korea. The conference was over 3 days and Mr Harrison was very impressed with the hospitality and high standard of speaker.

Stuart Harrison International Aviation Group IAG Malcolm Cox Abuja MRO Nigeria

Malcolm Cox & Stuart Harrison with the Minister of Aviation, Abuja, Nigeria

Malcolm Cox and Stuart Harrison with the Minister of Aviation, Abuja, Nigeria during a recent visit. The IAG team had a two hour meeting and discussed Nigeria’s MRO requirements and future training of aviation engineers. During the visit they also flew to Akwa Ibom State to review the partly completed MRO hangar at Uyo Airport.