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Since the beginning of 2016, IAG has an officially appointed agent for the SAARC group of countries operating under the IAG (SAARC) trading name.

The company is based in Bangladesh and it’s Chairman is Dr Nasir.
Dr. Mohammed Abu Nasir is a successful businessman and well renowned educationist in Bangladesh. He obtained his Ph.D in Business Management in 2008 from USA. He is one of the pioneer in Consulting Business in Bangladesh and founder Chairman of various National and International organizations, Development, IT and Engineering Consultancy Firms i.e. Technoconsult International Ltd., Uniconsult international Ltd., Federation for Economic Development, WISH (worldwide information super highway) Ltd., Nipa Trading International etc. He has also founded schools, colleges, mosques and intends to establish University and Medical college in near future which are already under progress. Dr. Nasir has visited more than 50 countries in the world and gathered a vast knowledge and understanding of Business in Consultancy and Aviation. Dr. Nasir is now investing his experience, knowledge and organizational skill into the development of theaviation sector in Bangladesh through IAG (SAARC).

The N Building, House 01, Road 16, Sector 6, Uttara Dhaka 1230.
Tel: +8802 58951757
Cell: +8801713 310 445