Airline Consultancy

IAG provides world class airline consultancy services to specialist areas within the aviation community as well as aligned sectors who do not have direct specialist knowledge, such as security companies, who require an aviation support capability. Our consultants have a huge store of experience and industry knowledge so that we can align customer requirements with individual consultants who have specialist knowledge to meet the requirement.

Our in-house accredited team provides a diverse spread of knowledge and through our management expertise and broad network we can reinforce where necessary to deliver complex requirements. We have completed a comprehensive range of assignments for private and corporate clients including: heli-ports, airline start ups, fleet charters, airport infrastructure, airline restructuring and recovery etc.

Support to governments to deliver concept outline and definition of requirement against which tenders can be issued
Highly successful support through provision of bid teams to international companies tendering for government and private company aviation based contracts
Advice and expert guidance on the integration of sophisticated Defensive Aid Suits into civil registered and liaison with national aviation authorities to expedite certification
Airline funding and refinancing
Selection and vetting of aviation companies to provide aviation support to major corporations
Comprehensive aircraft acquisition and disposal support and guidance
Specialist aircraft charter provision and ‘wet’ lease provision of aircraft and services for specific contracts such as unusual/high value cargo delivery and heavy lift helicopter support
Airline recovery and Airline restructuring for distressed and ailing Airlines