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Aviation Engineer Recruitment

Finding licensed aviation engineers and highly experienced aviation engineers, particularly for helicopters, is becoming increasingly difficult. IAG’s vast network can be used to source engineers and carry out background checks as required.

Many aviation engineers gain their experience in the military and IAG can harness our military network to realise an inside track on individuals who are applying for jobs as well as identify high quality individuals who will shortly be entering the civil market.

We also specialize in sourcing personnel who are prepared to undertake short and long term engineering contracts in remote or hostile locations and can bring together field teams to meet contract requirements.

We are able to offer qualified aviation engineers on:

Temporary contract
Short term contract
Long term contract
Permanent contract
Executive searches
Fixed price projects

We have a subsidiary which specialises in recruitment called International Helicopter Solutions (IHS) – please visit their web site at

IHS is partnered with Qualitair – who are part of the Randstad Group – Randstad sponsors the Formula 1 Williams Grand Prix team and is the second largest HR services provider in the world.