Armoured Vehicles for Police, Military & Government

The International Aviation Group (IAG) is a highly accredited and experienced team of experts who specialise in Aviation & Military Infrastructure, Training and Supplies.

We contract predominantly with the Governments, Police, Military and Private Corporations of emerging countries and also work closely with Private Investors and Funding Institutions such as The World Bank, EBRD etc.

IAG have been established over 25 years and have a valued knowledge and understanding of many sectors within the industry and a varied and eclectic mix of successful projects behind us.

We only legally trade with Countries / Companies that
are not under any sanction by the UN and or the EU.

IAG can now offer a wide range of Military, Security and Defence equipment to its clients. Our industry regulations and policies ensure that we are providing the quality expected from a successful establish defence and security provider and our philosophy is to fully protect your life, your business and your property through a range of innovative and quality technologies, systems, services, knowledge and skilled personnel. We pride ourselves on years of experience and excellent customer service as we were established by expertise members of the International Defence and Safety industry.

We deliver WHATEVER you want, WHEREVER you want it, WHENEVER you request it, with safety and accuracy at the best market prices and under the safest conditions!

Our Management Team consists of High-Rank Former Military Officers of the Army and Navy, having high Academic & Professional Education, as well as proven long-track experience in the field of Operations (Army, Navy and Special Forces), while some of them are duly qualified/certified NATO “Train the Trainers” Instructors. Additionally, our team is also enhanced with businesspeople specialized in Industrial Construction and Innovative Technologies Specialists.

If we can’t supply it, we know someone who can!