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The International Aviation Group (IAG)
Aviation Infrastructure and Training

The International Aviation Group is a highly accredited and experienced team of experts who specialise in Aviation Infrastucture, Training and Supplies. We contract predominantly with the Governments, Police, Military and Private Corporations of emerging countries and also work closely with Private Investors and Funding Institutions such as The World Bank, EBRD, Africa Bank etc.

We have been established over 25 years and have a valued knowledge and understanding of many sectors associated to aviation and a varied and eclectic mix of succesful projects behind us……….anything from a Cargo Airline Feasibility Study – a Corporate Jet Lease – to an EASA 145 MRO plan, build, through to operations and accreditation.

With the current difficult times caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the effect this has had on the world’s airlines we are here to suoport you with our very experienced team who specialise in:


Most importantly we have patience and a “sense of humour”!

EASA Part M Form 4 holders
EASA Auditors and Accredited Trainers
Official Suppliers to NATO

NAMSA number 4000054677

Official Suppliers to the U.S. DoD.

NCAGE number U0AE3

Spares Supply is ISO Accredited

We specialise and have world-wide experienced teams in the following areas:

Pilot Schools (EASA & FAA) – Feasibility Studies through to Full Operations
Start-Up Airline Feasibility Studies, Airline Reviews, Airline Recovery, Airline Restructuring
Establishing and Operating new International Airlines
Airport Feasibility Studies, Airport Design, Build and Operations
Runway & Taxiway design, build – Runway Extensions
EASA 145 MRO Feasibility Studies, Build, Accredit and Full Operations
EASA 147 Aviation Engineering Academies – Feasibility Studies through to Full Operations
SAR – MEDEVAC and Natonal Resilience Training & Capability
Establishing and operating an international aviation academy
Supplying Accredited Pilots and Licensed Aviation Engineers
Hercules C130J (and other variants) Tactical Training Courses
Supplying Helicopters and Aircraft (Direct Sale, ACMI & Dry Lease)
Aircraft & Rotary Spares